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"An incredible experience, better then a spa day! Our experience with Chef Jonathan surpassed all expectation! Jonathan is very professional, personable and is good with follow up. He provided suggestions before the dinner and was flexible with scheduling. He arrived on time and was very engaging. Jonathan shared techniques, his expertise and advice. We all enjoyed his stories. The presentation, aromas, textures, flavours and combinations were a masterpiece! A five star dining experience! We can't wait to do it again."


"Delicious food. No shopping. No cooking. No stress. No dishes. That's my idea of a PERFECT NIGHT!"


"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening last night. The food was delicious and of course not having to cook or clean was a real bonus. After you left we went to the kitchen to tidy-up, but there was nothing left to do! Thank you once again."


"It was a great experience. Chef Ally made the whole night enjoyable with an explanation of all courses and ingredients served. He also recommended wine pairings that complimented all dishes. Please pass along an extra thanks to Chef Alley and we hope to call on him in the near future."


"The food was delicious. The atmosphere was relaxed because I didn't have to excuse myself to check on the food every few minutes. Chef Howard was knowledgeable, passionate about food and very friendly. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful evening."


"The food was excellent, the chef charming and very informative, engaging, but discreet. We had a wonderful dinner and the experience as great. Would definitely suggest this to friends and family."


"Food was excellent, rivalled many of the better restaurants I have eaten in.  Overall Experience 10.  I would consider an in home chef again any time."


"This was such a treat – we will definitely do it again! Steve was incredible, the food was awesome and all of our guests were totally impressed!!!! Being busy working parents with 2 active teenagers, if we had Steve’s help more often, we would definitely entertain more!"


"I hate to give all 10s, because it seems like I didn’t put any thought into it…but really, Chef Robbie deserves it, the meal was outstanding!

t. crewson

The highlight of the Chef Experience was... "Absolutelty the great food: taste and presentation.I enjoyed conversing with Michael and watching him in my kitchen. He was friendly and very easy-going. He made the experience quite enjoyable. The food was also excellent.  9/10"

g. nugent

"We had an excellent experience with Stephan.  Stephan is very professional.  Once we finished playing phone tag all of the details that were needed were provided.  All of our guests had a great time.  We would definitely recommend him to friends."

F. Longridge

"The highlight of my Chef experience was definitely the food. I loved everything the chef prepared. The next best thing was I didn't have to do a thing. I would definitely refer you guys and your chef. I thought it may be a little awkward but the chef was very easy to talk to and made it a great evening."

L. Stanley

"It was a very lovely evening. The food was delicious. For the future, I would probably have this service with a group of people, rather than just for 2. Very Good. 10/10"

J. rodenburg

"We enjoyed a beautiful dinner in the comfort of our own home. It was very relaxing. Chef Ted prepared a tasty meal and answered any questions we had… and he did the dishes and cleaned up!The Chef experience was fabulous!"

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