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"The highlight was the food.  It was delicious.  Our chef's style of cooking was a great match for us.   We received the card as a gift, it was a unique and enjoyable experience."


"Abhishek was both a fantastic chef and teacher.  In addition to the cooking lesson, we appreciated the little tips he taught us such as freezing any leftover baguettes for later use.  The hors d'oeuvres and entree that he prepared were absolutely delicious! We savoured every morsel.  Thank you Chef Abhishek for a great experience!  10/10"


"great chef, very personable, talked us through the cooking process, gave us some cooking tips, amazing experience"


"Being served each meal was incredible. Our chef explained what was in each item, and in some instances where the ingredients came from. The presentation was first class, even adding chocolate shavings to the dessert. This was used for our first anniversary and we would certainly do it again."


"The best filet mignon I've ever had. 10/10. Chef Ajeen was very patient with us poking our noses in and asking questions."


"Lisa was such a pleasure to have in our home.  Every moment to the random questions I had about preparing the food to just the over all conversation.  The food was beyond anything we could of hoped for.  I was ready to adopt her into our family.  We loved every bite and the experience.  My friends couldn't stop talking about it the next day.  Her fresh and healthy take on food was refreshing and made us crave more.  We will definitely do this again. And we will request her if possible.  Thank you so much for making an amazing experience for my husbands birthday.  We are now talking about wanting to do this again very soon.  There was no highlights.  The whole experience was the full highlight."


"Chef Michelle was very professional and friendly.  My daughter enjoyed being her Sous Chef and hearing about her experiences as a chef.  There wasn't anything we didn't enjoy eating!!  The Thai Curry sauce that the halibut was cooked in was amazing, and the chocolate Marquis for dessert was the best chocolate dessert we have ever had.  10/10."


"10/10.  Our Chef was absolutely fabulous!  She made our experience more enjoyable than we could have imagined.  It didn't occur to me in advance to let the chef know we had an 8 month puppy but to our delight she wasn't the least bit put out by her!  We have already recommended the Chef Experience to multiple people as a result of the wonderful chef, amazing food, and overall great experience we had.  Carissa deserves a giant Kudos for her work.  I hope other people are fortunate enough to take part in an experience like this.


"Thanks Sonia, our dinner party was a blast.  It was such a pleasure to have someone else cooking for us.  David was very accommodating, and his food was simply scrumptious!."


"An incredible experience, better then a spa day! Our experience with Chef Jonathan surpassed all expectation! Jonathan is very professional, personable and is good with follow up. He provided suggestions before the dinner and was flexible with scheduling. He arrived on time and was very engaging. Jonathan shared techniques, his expertise and advice. We all enjoyed his stories. The presentation, aromas, textures, flavours and combinations were a masterpiece! A five star dining experience! We can't wait to do it again."


"We loved the experience, Chef James made the night.  Great guy to have in to our house, down to earth, knowledgeable and totally trustworthy.  The food was amazing and his explanation and passion for cuisine were evident.  No doubt he will get a call from us again and from our guests."


"Chef Joanna exceeded my expectations."


"We really enjoyed the evening.  Chris was very pleasant.  He accommodated our wishes of learning and helping to prep.  It was comfortable and the food/experience was excellent."

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